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Be honest, ladies: when was the last time you had a mind-blowing orgasm? If it’s been quite a while, we’re here to land a helping hand (pun intended).

As you all know, certain sex positions are better at delivering the big O than others. Some stimulate your g-spot while others give your clitoris a really good time. The ideal position, however, will work wonders to stimulate both at the same time. Once that happens, you’ll land straight into heaven! Take a look at these five best sex positions to get you off and make you feel amazing leolist toronto.

  1. Sit & straddle

Do you like to be able to look your date in the eye while getting it on? The sit and straddle position is great for that. All you need to do is sit on the bed on your booty and have your client straddle you while the two of you satisfy one another.

Of all the ways to feel pleasure, this one is excellent for creating a connection and building intimacy between you and the guy you’re with. You’ll be able to slow things down and experience the best orgasm of your life thanks to the clitoris stimulation going on down there. Grind on him while he kisses you and plays with your boobs leolist.

  1. Cowgirl

We bet many of you ladies like to be in control during your session. Here’s where the cowgirl position comes in. Anything’s possible when you’re on top, particularly the sensations you’ll feel when you’re riding him. As soon as you’re in the saddle, you’ll be able to tell him how quickly and how deep he can go inside you.

But there’s another awesome thing about this classic sex position: you can play with your clitoris while your date enters you. Better yet, ask him to stimulate your clit while you move your hips against his toronto escorts.

  1. Doggy with a twist

Doggy style is in top 10 greatest sex positions ever. And yet, we think that it lacks a certain something when it comes to the climax. There is another one which also uses the rear entry and feels way more satisfying: the down but not out.

Let’s walk you through this one: first, tell your client to lie on his front with his legs together, then slip inside him. That’s it! The sensation will be tighter, and the clit stimulation will be off the charts. All thanks to the friction of each of his thrusts.

  1. On top of the world

This one is all about using the cowgirl position but improving it by moving your legs just a little bit. In other words: don’t straddle him, instead place your feet flat between his legs. Penetration is going to feel really tight and your clit will be stimulated better than ever. Say hello to wild orgasms, ladies leolist vancouver!

  1. The up and over

In case you’re a fan of the missionary position, you’ll definitely like the up and over. It takes all the great things about the former and adds a little something which helps with the g-spot.

First of all, have him lie on top of you. Next, ask him to lift his legs up and then over your shoulders. His penis will go very deep into your vagina. This change in angle makes for incredible g-spot stimulation. Which, in turn, means some very memorable orgasms vancouver escorts.

Do you have other sex positions that can rock a girl’s world? Let us know in the comments box below.